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Happiness is a Warm Gun

the sun may come up and go down again I'll still swear it's a beautiful life

It's actually high time I do this...
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This journal is.... FRIENDS ONLY. Comment to be added.

I'm not picky. I usually friend everyone that wants to friend me. But, it would be the best if you:
- Have at least a few common interests with me.
- Don't mind endless rants about my fandoms.
- Like lots of meme (lol).
- I whine. A lot. You must prepare for a lot of angst on your flist suddenly.
- Also, when I add someone, I try to comment every entry (even if I fail sometimes, real life after all is pretty consuming). While I don't expect exactly the same thing, it would be good if you'd drop a comment or two for a while, so I don't get a feeling you added me for the sake of it~.

If you're my fellow RP friend, then I'll add you without any second thoughts. :D


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